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Another Satisfied Customer.....

"Our home is on a slope and for years, whenever we would get heavy rains, our basement below the foundation would take in water at the point where the well pump piping went through the foundation. Over the course of five years, we had various contractors advise us of multiple "fixes," everyone of which required bringing in heavy equipment, digging up the front of the house completely (about a 60 ft. run) down to the foundation base (about 20 ft), and completely removing extensive, costly landscaping along the front of the house. And you can only imagine the cost quotes we were getting! Needless to say, we dreaded rain for years and just dealt with buckets to catch the water that came in at the well pump area.

One day I had a plumber come to the house for a leaky toilet. As I had come to do with everyone who ever worked on anything in our home, I asked the plumber if he knew of someone who could come out and give me an estimate on the "leak" issue. That plumber was a Godsend because he referred us to Gibson Home Services. Within three days, Josh and Valerie Gibson personally came to our house to advise and give us an estimate on the repair. After just 20 minutes, [Josh] had the complete reason for the leak analyzed, an estimate quoted, and best of all, could have the problem repaired within 2 weeks without the use of "heavy" machinery or the loss of any of the landscaping!! AND, the job would take only 2 days to complete.

Well, we mulled this over and told the Gibsons we would get back to them. It seemed too good to be true after all the years of hearing from other contractors how the job would be laborious and lengthy and costly!! In the end, we decided to have Gibson Home Services repair the problem because Josh Gibson's approach to the solution, his understanding of the problem and his ability to convey that to us was perfectly logical! It made perfect sense whereas it never had after discussing with 'the other contractors.'

We called Gibson Home Services with our decision, spoke to Valerie Gibson, and that's the last time we ever had to be concerned with the situation again! We were informed of every process in the repair and when it would take place, why and how!!!

We have since used Gibson Home Services for every repair we have had to make to our home..be it inside or outside! Somedays, you just get lucky! We had a GREAT day when we were introduced to Gibson Home Services. We recommend them for any repair and would be happy to provide a reference for them at any time without hesitation!"

Joanne H., Delaplane
Projects: Basement Leak Repair & Pool House Leak Repair

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